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Do you really know Murata capacitor?

Pros: Low ESR, good high frequency characteristics, high stability, low temperature coefficient. Cons: Capacitance value is relatively low (several pFs to tens of uF), fragile and vulnerable, capacitance value is greatly affected by voltage.

Ceramic capacitors are almost the most widely used capacitors at present. They are commonly used for decoupling, signal coupling, analog filter design, etc. With leaded cap, the commonly used packaging is mostly patch. Due to the limitation of manufacturing process, the capacitance of low ESR capacitors is generally not too high.

Electrolytic capacitor (electrolytic capacitor - polarity capacitor):

Cons: High ESR, ESL, poor high frequency characteristics, low stability, high temperature coefficient.

Electrolytic capacitors are very common in power supply circuits. Usually, capacitance values are relatively large. You can find capacitance values from several uFs to several thousand uFs. Because of their high capacitance values and poor high frequency characteristics (usually < 100 kHz), they are often used as decoupling voltage regulators for input power supply. It is important to note that the power supply here does not refer to Vdd or Vcc for chips. For example, the power module of your PCB, such as a 5V DC input to a Buck converter converter converted to a 3.3V DC, supplies power to various other chips on your PCB. Usually the electrolytic capacitor is connected between the 5V power supply and grounds.

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