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Wu Tong Mountain One Day Tour - Sanmega Electronics

 It’s always a good time to climb with a sunny day, singing birds and blooming flowers.

Planned and organized by the staff from Sanmaga Electronics Ltd, we participated in the mountain climbing activity with the theme “ Relax, Challenge yourself, Climb the peak” on May 25th. The highest mountain peak 944 meters ASL of the destination, which is called Shenzhen 1st peak National Forest Park – WuTong Mountain. 

Climbing along the mountain path, scenic sights around are galore. 

With the ASL rising, the fog getting thicker. Wu Tong mountain looks more mystery and fascinating

Coming closer to the mountain peak, the path goes steeper. Every time we have a break at slightly smooth ground and encourage each other. Especially when it was near the summit, with heavier fog and high humidity just like a drizzle. For the honor of the team, colleagues try hard to move forward and surpass the one ahead. 

It took three and half hours to arrive at the summit of Pengcheng 1st peak. Shrouded mist and fog comes with the wind, wave after wave, feel like I’m in the clouds and reach out to touch the sky. Everyone was thrilled. 

Group Photos At Hero Hill 

We gained honor and happiness through this activity. Only by bravely climbing can we see the infinite scene in front of us. Even there maybe some difficulties, we still bravely move forward during this challenge “Peng Chen 1st Peak”. Even there is more setbacks tomorrow, we’ll never give up. Even how hard there is on the coming road, we rush forward. Cause we believe in the near future, the company and us will become more and more stronger and prosperous. 

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