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Murata develops Ferrite Bead Noise Filters to Support Automotive Electronics
1.Background of Development
In the automotive industry, in line with the expanding functionality of automobiles in recent years such as self-driving and ADAS*1, the resolution of the automotive cameras used as sensors has been further improved and automotive networks connecting various ECUs*2 are becoming more advanced. At the same time, the weight of the network cables and power cables supporting these functions has become a problem, and the implementation of Power over Coaxial (PoC), a technology that supports simultaneous transmission of power and data transmission on a single coaxial cable to reduce the weight of equipment installed in vehicles, is advancing apace. PoC superimposed power lines (Bias T Circuit) require components with high impendence up to high frequencies and capable of carrying large currents. Murata has developed the BLM18DN Series in order to satisfy these requirements.

Employing Murata’s magnetic material technology and internal electrode formation technology, the BLM18DN Series fully realize the characteristics and reliability demanded of compact noise filters used in automotive circuits.

2.Product Features
The details of the BLM18DN Series' features are as follows.
High-impedance characteristics even in the 1GHz high-frequency band
Compatible with a maximum rated current of 1400mA
Dimensions of 1.6×0.8×0.95mm (length x width x height) thanks to Murata’s proprietary magnetic material technology, which supports high frequency, high impedance and large current transmission for the first time*3
A lineup of four products to meet a wide range of customer needs

Table: BLM18DN Series Noise Filter Ferrite Bead

The operating temperature range is -55 to 125℃

3.Future Outlook
The performance required of automotive electronic components is expected to further increase as a result of the improving functionality and expanding use of electronics in automobiles. Murata will continue to engage in research and development in order to develop products that meet the needs of our customers with respect to compact dimensions, guaranteed temperature characteristics, etc.

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