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Murata plans 2019 mass production all solid state battery lock wearable device market
In the report of the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, it was pointed out that the large-scale Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (6981-JP), which produces MLCC in Japan, plans to start mass production of all-solid-state batteries in 2019. Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will set up an all-solid-state battery production line in the battery production plant in Shiga Prefecture, Japan, with an estimated production capacity of 100,000 per month.

The battery capacity of the product sample is about 100 times that of other competitors, more than 10mAh (milliampere hours), and it is also the highest level of capacity in the industry.

Murata is not only focusing on the all-solid-state battery currently under development, but also the Sony (6758-JP) lithium battery division, which was purchased in 2017, will accelerate in the energy market.

In the future, Murata will use the original MLCC production equipment and invest hundreds of millions of yen into the drying room to produce all-solid-state batteries. For the mass production, a surface-mounted "ceramic all-solid battery" using a ceramic material in the electrolyte portion is used.

The size of the all-solid-state battery shipped by Murata samples in the past is about 9.6mm x 5.7mm x 5.2mm. Improvements in material formulation have significantly increased battery capacity. As energy density increases, it is possible to replace the current role of lithium batteries in the future and to differentiate them from other battery products.

This product will lock the market for wearable devices and use safety as a product requirement for its non-flammable, non-heating properties.

Other competitors are also trying their best to develop in the all-solid-state battery market.

For example, the opponent's TDK (6762-JP) is also developing ceramic all-solid-state batteries. It is expected that battery production for wearable devices will be launched in 2019. Toyota Motor (7203-JP) and Panasonic (6752-JP) will also set up an electric vehicle (EV) battery company by the end of 2020 to develop an all-solid-state battery.

According to research by Fuji Keizai, a Japanese research firm, the global solid-state battery market will reach 2.1 billion yen in 2017, and by 2035, it will reach 277.87 billion yen by 2035.
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