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how the inductor works
Inductance is a kind of passive electronic components that can be stored in the form of magnetic flux. Normally, the conductor is wound, and when a current is passed, a magnetic field is generated from the right side of the current through the direction.
The calculation formulas of the inductance value are shown as follows: the number of coils, the stronger the magnetic field, at the same time, the larger the area of the cross section, or the change of the magnetic core can increase the magnetic field.
So let's see what happens when the AC current passes through the inductor.
Alternating current is the current that occurs periodically in the direction and magnitude of current over time. When the alternating current is passed through the inductor, the magnetic field generated by the current will be separated from the other winding, thus resulting in a reverse voltage, which will hinder the current change. Especially when the current suddenly increased, and the current in the opposite direction, namely the EMF current decrease direction will produce, to block current increase. On the contrary, when the current is reduced, the direction of the current is increased.
Reverse voltage will also occur if the direction of the current is reversed.
Before the current is reversed by the reverse voltage, the flow of the current will be reversed, and the current will not be able to flow through.
On the other hand, because the current will not change, there will be no reverse voltage, and there is no danger of short circuit. That is to say, the inductor is to allow the DC power through, and not pass through the AC components.
 The electric energy stored in the form of magnetic energy
 make the DC current through and the alternating current cannot pass
This characteristic of inductance can be applied to various applications.
There are many kinds of inductors in the world. In the next phase, we will introduce a variety of inductors which are most suitable for use.
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