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What is the magnetic bead?

Beads have a high resistivity and magnetic permeability, he is equivalent to series resistance and inductance, but both the resistance values and inductance values change with the frequency. He has a better high frequency filtering characteristic than the ordinary inductor, in high frequency showing resistance, So it can keep the high impedance in a very wide frequency range, so as to improve the effect of frequency modulation.
As a power filter, you can use the inductor. The magnetic circuit symbol is the inductance but it can be seen from the type use of the magnetic beads in the circuit function, magnetic beads and inductance is the same principle, only the frequency characteristic is different.
Magnetic beads is composed of ferrite, inductor is composed of a core and coil, magnetic beads to AC signal is converted into heat energy and inductance to exchange and store up, slow released out.
The beads have greater effects on the high frequency signal, general specification for 100 euro /100mMHZ, its resistance at low frequency is much smaller than the inductance.
Ferrite bead is development and application quickly anti interference components, cheap, easy to use, have the significantly effect in filter the high frequency noise.
In the circuit as long as the wire through it (I used to be like the general resistance, the wire has been through and glued, there are form of surface mount, but rarely seen to sell). When the current in the wire passes through, the ferrite has little resistance to the low frequency current, but the current to the higher frequency will have the bigger attenuation function. High-frequency currents in the form of heat emission and its equivalent circuit is in series for an inductor and a resistor, values of two components in proportion with the length of the beads. Many kinds of beads, the manufacturer shall provide the technical indicators, especially the relationship between impedance and frequency of magnetic curve.
Some beads have a plurality of holes, with a wire through can increased the impedance component (through the square of the number of beads), but the increased ability to suppress noise in high frequency may not as expected, rather than a few beads series way will be better.
Ferrite is a magnetic material, will produce magnetic saturation due to the excessive current passing through, permeability decreased sharply. The current filter should be used on a specially designed bead structure, but also pay attention to the cooling measures.
Ferrite beads not only can used to remove high frequency noise in the power supply circuit (can use for AC and DC output), but also widely applied to other circuits, the volume can be very small. Especially in the digital circuit, due to the pulse signal contains high frequency harmonics, It is also the main source circuit of the high frequency radiation, so can play a role in the beads on such occasions.

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