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The low impedance circuit of the chip tantalum capacitor difference between has the protection of resistance and the non

The characteristics of the patch tantalum capacitors are very prominent, the best temperature characteristics and the highest capacity density is the first choice for high density assembly. There are only two kinds of circuits for the use of tantalum capacitors; a circuit with resistance protection and a low impedance circuit with no resistance protection.

First, circuit with resistance protection
Owing to the resistance will play a buck and suppress the effect of large current through, therefore, use the voltage can reach the voltage rated of the chip capacitors 60%.
Second, there is no resistance protection of the circuit
1. Power supply of electronic machine; tantalum chip capacitors are used in parallel in this type of circuits, in addition to the requirements of the input signal filtering, often at the same time in accordance with a certain frequency and power to discharge the requirements. Because it is the power circuit, therefore, the circuit impedance of this kind of circuits is very low, to ensure that the output power density of the power supply is sufficient.
2. The previous input has been rectified and filtered, output a stable charge and discharge circuit. In this kind of circuit, the chip tantalum capacitor is used as a discharge power, because of the stability of the input parameters without surge, therefore, in spite of it is a low impedance circuit, the safe use of the voltage can still achieve 50% of the voltage rated can ensure a very high reliability.
3. In every turn on and off the instant, the circuit will produce a duration high intensity spikes pulse and less than 1 microsecond, the pulse voltage value at least can reach more than 3 times of the stability input values, the current can be reached more than 10 times of the steady-state value, owing to the short duration, therefore, the energy density in the unit time is very high, if the use of the tantalum chip capacitor voltage on the high side, at this point the actual impulse voltage added to the product will be far more than the product of the rated value of breakdown. Therefore, use the chip capacitors in such circuits allow use the voltage cannot exceed the rated value of 1/3.
If the loop impedance type of the circuit is not divided, the amount is reduced by 50%, in the lowest circuit impedance of the DC-DC circuit; a boot is likely to occur in an instant the breakdown of short circuit or explosion. In this circuits the amount of use chip tantalum capacitors should be reduced, be sure to take into account the value of the circuit impedance and the size of the input and output power and the level of AC ripple value in the circuit. Because of the level of the circuit impedance can determine the magnitude of the switching transient surge amplitude.

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