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Why there are two kinds of rated current of Murata power inductors?
In recent years, in the world of energy saving trend, low power consumption of electronic equipment is also increasing, it is becoming increasingly important of power design technology.
In the actual power supply design, the choice of the inductor is particularly critical. In DC-DC converter, the inductor is second only to the core element of the IC. By selecting the appropriate inductor can get higher conversion efficiency. Main parameters used in the choice of inductors have inductance value, rated current, the AC resistance, DC resistance, in these parameters also includes power inductors unique concept. For example, there are two kinds of rated current of the power inductor, what is the difference between them? In order to answer this question, we are here to explain the rated current of the power inductor.
There are two reasons of the rated current
The rated current of the power inductor is of great significance, which is "based on the rated current of the self-rising temperature" and "the rate of change of inductance value". The two methods are of great significance. "Based on the self-rising temperature of the rated current" is based on the heating capacity of the component as an indicator of the rated current, beyond the scope of use may cause damage to components and component failure.
At the same time, "the rated current is based on the rate of change of the inductance value " the rated current is defined as the index of decline of the inductance value, when beyond the scope of the use of may due to the increase in the current ripple and lead to instability of the control IC. In addition, according to the structure of the magnetic circuit of the inductor, the tendency of the magnetic saturation (that is, the decreasing tendency of the inductance value) is different. Figure 1 shows the schematic diagram of the variation of the inductance values caused by different magnetic circuit structures. For the type of open magnetic circuit, with the increase of the DC current, to the specified current value until the present value of the inductance is relatively flat, but the provisions of current value into the realm of inductance value decreased rapidly. On the contrary, the closed circuit type increases with the increase of DC current, the numerical value of the permeability decreased, so the inductance value decreased slowly.
Murata in order to be able to meet the design requirements of customers, with various types of power inductors.

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