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[new product] Murata is launching a super miniature
The market requires that IoT and wearable electronic devices can be miniaturized and run for a long time, so the electronic components that make up the electronic devices need to be more miniaturized and power-saving. Especially resonators, among many electronic components, the demand for low power resonators is more urgent, which can work continuously and continuously, so that the equipment can function normally.

In order to meet market demand and maintain sustainable market growth, Murata Electronics Oy (formerly VTI Technologies) MEMS technology, which has been used in automotive industry, has developed a miniaturized and low-power 32.768 kHz micro-machined resonator for IoT devices and wearable devices. Compared with the existing small-scale products, it reduces the volume by more than 50%, has low ESR (equivalent series resistance) characteristics, excellent frequency accuracy and low power consumption.

New product features:

50% more than traditional products.

The product size is 0.9 0.6 0.3 mm (width length height), which is 50% smaller than the traditional 32.768 kHz crystal resonator.

* the comparison size is compared with the 1.2 0.3mm 1 (wide * long * high) equivalent product.

Device built-in electrostatic capacitance

Two multi-layer ceramic capacitors are needed to generate the reference clock signal, and 6.9pF electrostatic capacitor has been built in this product. The assembly can greatly reduce the space and make the design of the circuit more free.

Reduce power consumption by implementing low ESR

The smaller the size of the ordinary crystal resonator, the higher the ESR is, which needs to be solved. The low ESR (75k) of this product reduces the gain of semiconductor integrated circuits, thus generating stable reference clock signals and realizing low power consumption (13% less than traditional products). (based on the results of our company)
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