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How can MURATA MLCC see that the PCB circuit board is good or bad?
With the rapid development of mobile phones, electronics, telecommunications and other industries, the PCB circuit board industry has been growing rapidly. People are demanding more and more layers, weight, precision, material, color and reliability of components.

However, due to the fierce competition in market prices, the cost of PCB board materials is also on the rising trend. More and more manufacturers monopolize the market at low prices in order to enhance their core competitiveness. However, behind these ultra-low prices is to reduce the cost of materials and production costs to obtain, but devices are often prone to cracks (cracks), scratches (or scratches), its precision, performance and other comprehensive factors did not meet the standards, seriously affecting the solderability and reliability of products used.

Faced with various PCB boards on the market, there are two ways to distinguish the quality of PCB boards. The first way is to judge from the appearance, and the other way is to judge from the quality specification requirements of PCB boards themselves.

The way to judge the quality of PCB circuit boards is:

The first is to distinguish the quality of printed circuit boards from appearance.

Generally speaking, the appearance of PCB circuit board can be analyzed and judged through three aspects.

1. Standard rules for size and thickness.

The thickness of PCB to standard PCB is different. Customers can measure and check according to the thickness and specifications of their products.

2, light and color.

External circuit boards are covered with ink, circuit boards can play an insulating role, if the color of the board is not bright, less ink, insulation board itself is not good.

3. Weld appearance.

Because there are many PCB parts, if the welding is not good, the parts are easy to fall off the PCB, seriously affecting the welding quality of the PCB, good appearance, careful identification, a strong interface is very important.

Second: high quality PCB PCB needs to meet the following requirements.

1. When the components are installed, the telephone will be better used, that is, the electrical connection should meet the requirements.

2, line width, line thickness and line distance meet the requirements, so as to avoid heating, opening and short circuit.

3, high temperature copper peel is not easy to fall off.

4, the surface of copper is not easy to oxidize, affecting the installation speed.

5. There is no additional electromagnetic radiation.

6, the shape is not deformed, so as to avoid the deformation of the shell after installation, and the screw holes are misplaced. Now it is all mechanized installation. The hole position of circuit board and the distortion error of circuit and design should be within the allowable range.

7, high temperature, high humidity and special environment should also be considered.

8, the mechanical properties of the surface should meet the installation requirements.

Above is the PCB circuit board judgment method, when choosing to buy PCB circuit board, must wipe the eyes.
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