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The chip ferrite beads BLM series is designed to
function nearly as a resistor at noise frequencies,
which greatly reduces the possibility of resonance and
leaves signal wave forms undistorted.
BLM series is effective in circuits without stable
ground lines because BLM series does not need a
connection to ground.
The nickel barrier structure of the external
electrodes provides excellent solder heat resistance.
BLM_A series generates an impedance from the
relatively low frequencies. Therefore BLM_A series is
effective in noise suppression in a wide frequency
range (30MHz to several hundred MHz).

Shape SMD
Size Code (in mm) 1608
Size Code (in inch) 0603
Length 1.6mm
Length Tolerance ±0.15mm
Width 0.8mm
Width Tolerance ±0.15mm
Thickness 0.8mm
Thickness Tolerance ±0.15mm
Rated Current (at 85℃) 800mA
Rated Current (at 125℃) 800mA
Operating Temperature Range -55℃ to 125℃
Mass(typ.) 0.005g
Number of Circuit 1
DC Resistance(max.) 0.18Ω
Impedance (at 100MHz) 120Ω
Impedance (at 100MHz) Tolerance ±25%
Other Usage For general
Packaging Specifications Minimum Order Quantity
B Bulk(Bag)
D 180mm Paper Tape 4000
J 330mm Paper Tape 10000
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